sudoSignals started as a humble answer to a seemingly simple question:

“Is my installation working?”

Interactive artists and creative engineers who have worked on installations and events have asked themselves the same question. If this is you, you’ve probably solved this problem a handful of times in a handful of ways — by using remote desktop tools, by building a custom remote tool, or by coordinating with a contractor that’s close to the physical installation.
We’ve done all of those same things too — and that got us thinking about building a single dashboard where we could see all of our installations, if they were online, and opening up a world of controlling them remotely from a single webpage.
We wanted a tool that could send email and text message alerts when something went wrong — so you’d know right away if your project needed to be serviced.
We wanted a simple scheduler that could be changed on the web, and sync to installations out in the world.
Unlike remote desktop tools that often require approval by an IT team or special exceptions to handle remote access, if your installation machine can open a web browser you don’t need any extra work.
Bringing your creative ideas to life is already hard enough, controlling them remotely shouldn’t be. ✦