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1) Register

Working with SudoSignals requires an account to get started. Your account will create unique Product IDs that will help you track the performance and operation of your TouchDesigner installations. Before we get started make sure you head over to sudoSignals and create an account.

2) Sign in

Once you’ve set up your account, let’s start by logging into the sudoSignals Dashboard

3) Create Your Installation

From the sudoSignals Dashboard let’s create our first installation. 

Click on “Create Installation”

Let’s give our new Installation a descriptive name and click “Create Installation”

Next we’ll see our installation show up in the Installations List:

Clicking on your installation’s name in the Installations List will bring up all of your installation details:

4) Download the TOX

From the sudoSignals side menu click on Downloads to download the latest TouchDesigner Client.

5) Add Your Product ID

Open up your TouchDesigner project and drop in the sudoSignals TOX. 

Copy and paste you’re Installation Product ID into the Info page of the sudoSignals TOX:

6) Your Installation Comes Online

Now wait for your installation to come online! It should only take a few seconds.

./ Using Custom Parameters

1) Start your Project

Start your project that has a sudoSignals, and confirm that it’s Online.

2) Find the Custom Controls COMP

Seeing your installation online is one thing, but being able to control your installation remotely is where things get really exciting. Inside of the sudoSignals tox you’ll see a component called “base_customControls” with a set of custom parameters.

3) See your Controls on the Dashboard

If you look at your sudoSignals dashboard under the Controls tab you should see the same set of parameters, with the same names as your “base_customControls.”

4) Change those Values!

The real magic of sudoSignals is the ability to make changes to your custom parameters from the web. Give it a try. You should see that changing your controls on the sudoSignals Dashboard pushes changes to TouchDesigner, and making changes in TouchDesigner syncs to your Dashboard.

This is near realtime, so you should expect to see a slight delay between making changes online, and seeing them update in TouchDesigner.

5) Add New Pars

Try adding new parameters to this component. Currently support TouchDesigner pars include:

  • Integers
  • Floats
  • Menus
  • String Menus
  • UVs
  • Vec3 Pars
  • Text Pars

6) Add New Page

A single page of parameters isn’t enough to run a whole installation, so we’ve made sure no matter how you organize your custom pars in TouchDesigner, you see the same thing on sudoSignals.

7) Use your own Custom COM

We included this component to get you started, but the synced pars parameter on sudoSignals lets you use any component’s custom parameters. Create your own custom pars on your own component and just drop it into the Control Comp Path

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Happy Programming!