./ Welcome Beta Testers

First, thanks for joining us on this wild ride. We think we’ve got something fun to show you, and that will make doing interactive installation work easier for all of us.

So, what exactly did you get yourself into?!

The project we’ve been working on is a tool for controlling your installations remotely. We’re starting with a TouchDesigner client, and the big idea is that you can not only see if your installation is online / up and running, but you can also remotely control custom parameters. This synchronization works both ways, so no matter where you make your control changes, they show up in the other. Changing your parameters on the web, and it updates your installation. Change your custom pars at your installation and it shows up on the web. We’re starting small, but the idea is to expand this to include general scheduling for event changes and alerts (text messages and emails) if your installation starts misbehaving. We’re calling this whole thing sudoSignals.

Okay, so how do you get started...✨

We’ve gotten a good chunk of our onboarding set-up online already. You can read more about sudoSignals here. You can sign-up for an account here – once you do, you should get an email to confirm that you’re a real human. Once you’ve gotten your account verified you can use the Getting Started page to see how this all works.

TouchDesigner Build 27390

One of the core behaviors in sudoSignals relies on a recent update to TouchDesigner. To make sure you have a seamless experience, we recommend using build 27390. The new installer makes it easy to have multiple parallel builds up and running – so we’d recommend doing a parallel TD install if you’re currently working on any projects.

What if things are broken?

I mean, we expect that things are going to be broken… it’s a beta test after all. That said, we also want to know if something went wrong so we can make this better. On the sudoSignals dashboard you’ll find a link to submit a bug report. That form goes directly into our backlog, and will help us get things fixed as fast as we can. 

Cautions and Caveats

Our goal is for this to be a tool for artists and studios to use for their installations, but we’ve barely kicked the tires. Which is to say – please don’t rely on this for an installation yet, and don’t use this in any mission critical projects that go live tomorrow.

We’re hoping to have this up and ready for prime time for the new year. We did a small round of testing with just ourselves, and then moved this to a larger alpha testing group. We’re now entering an open beta test. We’re going to keep this live and free for the next month – then we’ll take sudoSignals offline for a minute so we can make some critical improvements. 😅

Once we’re happy with the changes we’ll be live in 2021.

If this is something that you really need for a job / contract / another studio please reach out on the contact page and we’ll figure out how to make something work. Our hope is that this makes it easier for creative technologists to spend more time doing the work they love, and less time fighting with the complexities of state management and remote sync…unless that’s your passion, in which case go forth and manage all the states.

Thank you!

But really, we mean it. This is a project we’ve all talked about and always wanted as a service, but could never find off the shelf… so we decided to make it happen. We’d also love to hear from you along the way, use the contact page to send us a message, or ping Matthew on the forum or HQ.

Much appreciation from all of us! 💕